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Some things are better seen from a distance
to TELESCOPE based in fictional Croatoa, Tennessee where the bodies of influential town folk were found in the abandoned church in the mountains. Even with the small town stories of the monsters in the woods it has not deterred the tourists who have come to visit the healing springs hidden away in the mountains.

Where will you find yourself in Croatoa? On the front of a missing poster, or the reason behind it.

Register accounts with your character's first and last name in proper capitalisation. E.g. John Smith.
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Usually this is where we would put the featured wanted ad, but for these next couple weeks we are going to do something different. We are doing a featured member and this round it is MAEVE, she has been busting her backside on getting this skin all put together for Telescope and making it as beautiful as it is today, so next time you see her on which may not be for a while because lucky duck is on Holiday give her a big thank you!

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Just doing a bit of cleaning and revamping, don't panic the site will be back and even better than before.
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skin coded by Maeve exclusively for Telescope